The metaverse land frenzy is turning heads, with sales ranging from $2 million to more – and executives from two large digital-land development businesses say the values indicate enormous ambitions for people all around the world to buy, play, and work in the virtual reality.

The most expensive acquisition so far is Republic Realm’s $4.3 million purchase of property in The Sandbox metaverse from videogame maker Atari SA.

Janine Yorio, Republic Realm’s co-founder and CEO, told Insider this week, “We acquired a city, or the equivalent [of one].” She stated that the corporation purchased a 24 × 24 parcel, with each parcel measuring 100 meters. “We paid a lot of money for it because we wanted to make something large and immersive.”

Video game makers and entertainment businesses, according to Yorio, who spent a decade as a real estate investment executive, would be among the main drivers of Web 3.0. Galaxy Digital, owned by billionaire Mike Novogratz, is purportedly a $10 million investor in Republic Realm.

Metaverse Group purchased lots in Decentraland, an ethereum-based 3-D world where certain land may be sold, for $2.43 million last month.

Is it too late to hop in to the Metaverse land frenzy?

Facebook has been renamed Meta by Mark Zuckerberg in order to focus on the Metaverse. But it’s too late for him. The  Four Big Players in the Metaverse have already beaten Meta and are 1,000x the size of Facebook and Meta.

The simple reason behind the expected flop of Meta formerly Facebook is time. The Metaverse isn’t coming, it is already here.

You may consider watching the video below to learn more of the forerunners of Metaverse:

VUCO WORLD launches its own virtual land platform within metaverse right on time

VUCOWorld Metaverse is a digital platform designed as a virtual world that allows people to carry out things they do in real life. Here, they’ll be able to work, have fun, shop, exercise, socialize, and create their own lifestyle. They can also set up their own businesses, buy land, make art, and go to concerts – all in a virtual environment.

Just a week following its pre-launch this December 2021, a multi millionaire Sargon Malkey made VUCO World’s first purchase with a whopping 11 Million VUCO tokens, valued at 1 dollar per token!

His massive purchase is composed of a piece of land, a 32 x 32 parcel in the diamond district worth 1M USD, and a thousand 16×16 parcels from the remaining 10 million. This investment can now build an entire city and create a whole new lifestyle in VUCO World!

Sargon Malkey, VUCO World’s first land purchaser

Considering this massive purchase DURING PRE-LAUNCH, huge market potential and consistent revenue stream can be assured the following years.

The fees projected to be earned by VUCO World can go up dramatically, hitting around $500,000 for each month through the end of 2021 to the first quarter of 2022.

By rough estimates, VUCO World will probably achieve huge mark-up profitability, to exceed the collection of more than $55 million in fees with continually growing revenues.

Eyeing on purchasing VUCO WORLD land? CLICK HERE!

What Mark Zuckerberg sees today is the same of that what VUCO World already saw. As VUCO World aims to innovate a trend, promising features, sustainability, and generating massive revenue stream is likely to happen in the next years.


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