Eight-year-old Ryan Kaji got the top spot for the highest paid YouTuber with $26 million earnings in 2019, Forbes magazine announced Wednesday. 

Kaji or Ryan Guan in real life, was already YouTube’s highest earner in 2018 with $22 million. 

His channel “Ryan’s World” was launched by his parents in 2015, only a 3-year-old Kaji then, now has garnered 22.9 million subscribers. 


Initially, it was named “Ryan ToysReview,” mostly consisting “unboxing” of toys and playing with them. 

However, Ryan’s World has also been evolving as Ryan ages, now offering more educational videos aside from playing and talking about toys. 

And then since its launched in the platform, it has received almost 35 billion views, according to data from Social Blade’s analytics. 

In Forbes’ ranking, “Dude Perfect” followed Kaji’s channel on the list, who earned $20 million between June 1, 2018 until June 1, 2019. 

Another child star’s channel came third—a five-year-old Russian girl named Anastacia Radzinskaya with $18 million earnings.

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