The 2020 budget for the state-owned medical institution, Philippine General Hospital (PGH), has been cut by P456 million and Senate President Pro Tempore Ralph Recto said on Monday that it has to be restored or get bigger for it to completely carry out its services to the underprivileged. 

He expressed disappointment regarding the slashing of PGH budget for next year, saying that the government is not giving importance to public health services. 

In another statement, Recto said:

“Funding for [PGH] is the national barometer of our health priorities. It is the national hospital, so the money it gets from the government reflects the importance [the] government gives to health.”

He also added that if the national budget rises every year, then the PGH budget has to rise as well. If not, the amount should at least be fixed. 

However, instead of getting additional budget to help more Filipinos and equip more health specialists, he stated that the medical institution has been demanded a daily budget cut of P1.25 million. 

“The proposed 2020 budget of the PGH will harm its patients. Not only must the cuts be restored, its budget must be increased,” Recto added.

According to him, the PGH is the “first option and last resort” of the needy and even of the middle class patients in getting the best treatment, that’s why slashing its budget “hurts the deepest.” 

From its P3.23 billion fund, PGH budget for the following year will be reduced to P2.77, Recto said. 

Earlier, Iloilo first district Rep. Janette Garin revealed that the 2020 Department of Health (DOH) budget has also been slashed by about P10 billion despite polio, measles, and dengue epidemic in the country. This, according to her, resulted from the defect in the system of DOH and the Department of Budget Management (DBM).


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