The bigger the opportunity, the bigger the responsibility. However, to be able to get through work everyday, a lot of factors can hinder you from giving the best version of yourself in achieving your goals. 

Therefore, reflect on yourself and understand why you feel stagnant in your dream job. Assess whether these following attitudes get you stuck wherever and whatever situation you are in now.

Being a Control Freak 

Your work might pile up at times, so you must learn and accept that you cannot control everything with your one and only body. 

To be able to let go of that feeling of always having to control everything is by trusting the help given by the people around you. You can attain daily success at an overwhelming work if you would learn to ask for help from others and learn to trust them that they can actually do the job.

Successful people admit that they can’t do the job by themselves. What they do is they empower people to work on their behalf. Based on research, people perform better when they are trusted to make decisions under minimal supervision.

A ‘Yes’ Man to All Tempting Opportunities 


Our expectation is that successful people like Jack Ma or Elon Musk is that they only sleep 4 hours a day to accomplish a pile of work everyday. But these people reveal that they have succeed because they focus on only a few things. 

According to them, money is made when you choose to focus on just a dozen customers who will likely make a purchase. You must be wise on to whom you should give your ‘yes’.

Success requires knowing when and how to say ‘no’. So, don’t say ‘yes’ to every opportunity that might only be a temporary success.

Keeping Toxic People in Your Life 


“You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.”

Now think of the 5 people you spend most of your time with… Do they bring good out of you? Or they are making you the worse version of yourself? Are you learning something from them? Or they are the reasons of your fine lines on face? Have you heard about parasitic friends? Hope you’re not keeping one. 

You may not choose your family members, but you can definitely choose your circle of friends. Keep friends who support and push you to get close to your dreams. 

Therefore, let go of those friends who don’t want to see you happy unless she’s also happy with his/her life. Keep your distance from people who say, “We’re friends. I feel miserable and you should feel miserable, too, because we’re friends.” A big no, because that is not what friends are for!

Everyone should lift each other up, because your success should also be their success.

Seeking for People’s Affirmation to Do What You Do 

This is cliche. But you really cannot please everybody.

At some point in your career, you have to make an unpopular yet the best decision for your team. Do not conform to your surroundings if it is something that you do not believe in. 

If people mock you for being able to prove your capabilities to your boss and not theirs, then that is their problem and not yours. 

Just do what you think is best for your company and for your growth. Envious people will always have something to say whether you do good or bad. Might as well do the right thing that makes you happy, instead of seeking their approval before you do it. 

Waiting for Perfect Moment Before Acting on a Decision

Some successful people would say that waiting for the perfect time can keep you away from your success. Sometimes, you should instead take the flawed moment and make the most out of it. 

Some things just need to get done even if they may not look good to be done in that particular moment. The important thing is that you already have started something, and you have an output you could work on as the days pass. 


Changing an attitude or habit that you have had in you since your younger years will not be easy. However, keep in mind that consistency is the key, so start assessing yourself now. 

Be mindful of your goals and note the right attitude you could incorporate to achieve that success you’ve been dreaming. 


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