Have you imagined living separately from your parents? Pay your own bills and organize everything? Being responsible for your decisions then accountable for all your actions? Ah, it sounds overwhelming and terrifying but there are perks, of course. 

For a person living in a country like the Philippines that values family relationships the most, you probably couldn’t imagine living separately from your parents. Your parents’ house will always be your home, unless you get married or go abroad. 

However, the 21st century is a generation of more liberated people, wherein many young adults could courageously live on their own. People are now more open to living independently and creating their own home

Here are the 5 reasons you could consider to appreciate living alone at least once in your life: 

1. Self-Sufficiency 


Living away from your parents could make literally everything in your life a lesson. Could you imagine yourself being exhausted from work then you still have to cook your own food or do your laundry when you get home? 

You won’t have a choice, so you need to do almost everything on your own, unless you would pay people to do it for you (but where is the sense of being independent, then?). You may do so if that something, e.g. air-con leak or broken faucet, is already out of your power. 

Patience, self-sufficiency, and perseverance are some of the attitudes you could put on your life résumé which you have gained from your daily experiences. 

2. Organization and Prioritization


Living independently could teach you so much about how to spend your hard-earned money and organize everything that you need to put on a budget a.k.a bills and wants. 

Remember, it will always be bills be before wants. It is always needs before wants, so know your priorities. It is just okay to splurge money on things you want as long as you have already paid the bills. Pay for the water, electricity, food, save money for medical emergencies, internet, and other girls’ necessities

Living alone could teach you how to learn your priorities, so organizing everything you have to spend on is a must. 

3. Learn from Your Mistakes 


However, if ever you fail the first moments you try doing things independently, don’t wallow about it. That really happens, so do not be discouraged. 

Moreover, although you are living on your own now, it does not mean that you do not have the right to ask for help anymore. No man is an island still, so learn to know when to ask for your parents’ or friends’ pieces of advice. 

However, having your own space let you solve your own problems. Imagine that power and confidence you could acquire after being able to handle all the crap in your life?  

4. Living Alone Is Comforting 


Being always in the middle of the crowd or a group setting can be draining. Many people would love to recharge with their solitude, hence, being alone is necessary to think through things and know themselves. 

This is not selfish but sometimes, really, there are just people who badly need to “unpack” every person they have talked to during that day. It is quite comparable to meditation, as one needs to clear her mind and silent every noise in her head. 

Being able to consider silence and solitude comforting is probably a high form of self-independency. Because, some people literally need another person to talk to just to hush their clamorous thoughts. Mind over matter is another attitude you could learn by living independently. 

5. You’re Free 


Freedom would be the most cliché word you could learn from living “independently,” but it is seriously the best thing you could have by living with yourself.

You set your own rules when you’re living alone, so you can eat whatever you want, sleep whenever you want, wear whatever you want, do whatever you want without asking for permission to anyone. 

You are responsible for all your actions, so always be accountable for all the consequences that might happen. It is terrifying, but being independent will always be worth it for your own growth. 


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