Perfect brow is what every girl is trying to achieve for now. “Kilay is life” as Filipinas would put it. In fact, if we would ask celebrities of their make-up routine, for sure, most of them will include how they do their eyebrows. 

However, many girls are still not comfortable doing this since they think that the steps are too extra to do. Don’t worry because we got your back, girl. Here, we’ve prepared for you the easy steps to achieve your kilay goals. 

5-Step Eyebrow Routine

Photo credit: Janina Vela

1. Brush them first.

The very first thing you should do in your eyebrow routine is to brush them with a spoolie. This will help you determine the parts that need some help.

2. Outline your eyebrows.

Using a brow pencil, lightly outline the shape that you want your eyebrows to be. Do this by tracing a line following the curves of your brows and this will give you a nice structure. If you don’t get it right the first time, just keep practicing. 

3. Fill them in.

To do this step, use products like powder or brow pencil to fill in sparse areas. But if you’re feeling extra, you may also opt for pomade, gel or wax. With any of these products, you may draw hair-like strokes in upward diagonal motion for a fuller, bushy eyebrow look. Remember, when filling your brows, start at the middle part and work your way to the end. Also, do not fill the inner parts thoroughly as they would not make them look natural.

4. Lock them in place.

To let them stay in place for a longer time, of course you have to seal everything. You can do this by applying the best brow gel or mascara of your choice, either a clear or a tinted one. This step will make sure that you have your brows on point all day.

5. Blend, for the final touch.

The last step to achieving your kilay goals is to blend it out. If you think your brows will make people keep away from you because you seem angry or unapproachable, then you should blend them using a buffing brush with some concealer or foundation. You can also use your spoolie to polish them.

Those are the easiest steps you can follow to have the kilay of your dreams. They are not as difficult as you think, right? Share with us in the comments below!


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