“Adopt don’t shop,” is the phrase of people who want to raise awareness on giving stray dogs and cats a home instead of buying ones that worth thousands of pesos. 

On the other hand, there are some pieces of advice to guide the people who would love to give these adorable creatures a home to live in forever. 

Gretel Eleazer of Saving Strays Cebu said the animals are worth our time and care. This time and care are replaced by their undying love for us humans. 

“Dogs are intelligent and are beautiful given the proper care and training,” says Eleazar.

So, before finally adopting a dog or a cat, here are some of the things that a new parent needs to consider.

According to Eleazer, a fur parent needs to: 



Adopting a new member of the family will require some adjustments in your humble abode. A comfortable life you have been used to might not be comfortable for the new one. Thus, changing a certain lifestyle is kind of expected in adopting a dog or a cat

Have Enough Funds


The adjusting part, of course, extends to all the following points, and first on the list is financial budget. Although it will not be that much, you still need to make sure you have spare money for your plus one’s needs. These loving creatures have needs too, like visits to a vet from time to time, so be ready! 

Take Time


Adopting is a lifetime commitment, so think about it thoroughly. You can’t just adopt a fur baby just because your friends are adopting as well, yet you are not ready for that kind of commitment. Don’t make those cute puppy eyes easily deceive your preparedness. 

Be Patient


Training a dog or a cat some basic or advanced tricks take a lot of your patience. Therefore, prepare yourself to be patient and persistent, especially if you’re going to have a super active baby. 

Accept That Every Animal Is Unique


If your reason of adopting a dog or cat is to replace an old dog you just lost, keep in mind that the new one is purely different from your old one. Animals are unique and different in their own ways just like people. Therefore, refrain from comparing them to not reach the point where you shut off the new one because you have kept looking for traits that it does not have. 

Briefly, having a new member at home is not all sunshine and rainbows as this will require your effort and time. Therefore, after deciding to finally adopt, you may now prepare yourself for the commitment. Anyway, the joy that a dog or cat may bring you could overpower the exhaustion you get from taking care of them. 


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