Actor-comedian Kevin Hart suffers major injuries from car crash

Kevin Hart

Hollywood actor Kevin Hart suffered major injuries from a car accident in Los Angeles, according to California Highway Patrol (CHP).

Shortly after midnight of September 1, his 1970 Plymouth Barracuda, which he bought as a 40th birthday gift to himself last July, swerved off the snake-like Mulholland Highway and tumbled down an embankment. 

Officials confirmed that it was Hart’s car, but at that time, he was not the one driving. There were two other people with him, including the driver, who also suffered major injuries. The other passenger was a woman who was not reported to have injuries as she did not require admission to the hospital.

Meanwhile, CHP did not give further details to Hart’s injuries, but TMZ reported that he suffered a major back injury. 

CHP added that the driver, who was identified as Jared Black, was not under the influence of alcohol while he driving. 

Image source: TMZ

A witness said that Hart escaped the car first, then got picked up by a member of his security team together with the second passenger. 

Cops said that the actor-comedian, whose house was nearby, went to his home “to get medical attention” but was later treated at the hospital. 

They brought Hart to Northridge Hospital Medical Center while they took Black to a separate hospital. 


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