AJ Raval, a hot actress, recently disclosed that she had surgery. This was done to make her breasts appear fuller. She revealed this at a recent news appearance when discussing how she only got breast implants last year. It was a decision she made when someone proposed it to her, she claims. “At the time, I wasn’t thinking.” “I’m quite excited,” she expressed her enthusiasm. AJ, on the other hand, is preparing to get it removed because she is no longer comfortable with it.

I was pleased, but I still have a number of realizations that I intend to eliminate next year. I'm making preparations because I enlarged my boobs last year. I don't want to lie; it's not in my nature. However, I expect to be dismissed next year. "I want to have my own freedom," she explained. "I wasn't aware of my boobs before." But it wasn't until I was required to that I became conscious. Next year, I expect to be fired. ”


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