Alessia Cara releases brand new single ‘Rooting for You’

We're getting another single from pop singer Alessia Cara as she releases her new single 'Rooting for You'.

Rising singer and songwriter Alessia Cara dropped her newest single called ‘Rooting for You’, the second song from her upcoming EP ‘This Summer’ which will be released on September 6.

‘Rooting for You’ is a refreshing funky song perfect for warm summer days that details the feelings of a romance that has gone cold. 

“It’s like, damn / Why you gotta be so cold in the summertime, summertime? / I was really rooting for ya, yeah,” she sings.

Meanwhile, Cara said that her favorite tracks from the EP were ‘Rooting for You’ and ‘October’ in response to a fan’s question on Twitter. 

Before releasing ‘Rooting for You’, the Canadian pop star also dropped her song ‘Ready’ last July, serving as the first single from the EP. This followed ‘Out of Love’ and ‘Growing Pains’ from her sophomore album released in November 2018. 

Cara also shared in an Instagram post the project’s six-song tracklist. Check here to know the other included songs:

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Currently, she is on tour with Shawn Mendes and will begin her own US tour on October 21.

Cara is still riding high because of her debut album ‘Know It All’ from where ‘Scars to Your Beautiful’ and ‘Here’ spawned in 2015.

She then succeeded those with a couple of collaboration with Zedd in the song ‘Stay’ as well as in Logic’s anti-suicide anthem “1-800-273-8255”.


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