For the nth time, VIP couple Andrea Torres and Derek Ramsay have denied they are living respectively. On Instagram, Andrea said she lives with her folks as she excused cases of a diversion writer who detailed about her supposed set-up with Derek. The gossip began when a two-section house visit through Derek was transferred on their YouTube channel. The couple, referred to fans as AnDrek, displayed each aspect of the house themselves. At whatever point Derek would depict the territory in the three-story home, he would utilize “their” and “our own” as predicate modifiers. “I’m glad and contacted that Derek considers it our own. He’s so-sweet,” Andrea said. In an article distributed on PEP, Derek demanded there’s no reality to reports they are live-in accomplices. “No, we are not living in. Truly we aren’t live in.”

As indicated by him, he began the development of his home before he met Andrea. . It was a year prior when the two at long last shut down the hypothesis that they’re a thing. In February, Andrea shared Derek is “the one. .” She said their relationship works since they are both “loose” and have “no assumptions.”


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