During the October 16  episode of Tonight with Boy Abunda, Hollywood personality Angelina Jolie had to take a minute before answering a question about love. 

The star of the now showing Disney movie ‘Maleficent: Mistress of Evil’ looked like she was about to tear up when she was asked about the loving and losing, a theme present in the said film. 

“Why does love always come with pain?” Abunda asked Jolie, who split with her husband Brad Pitt. 

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“I think when love is right, it’s a good kind of pain. It’s growing. It’s a pain where your heart is stretching, your feelings are stretching,” she replied. 

“The greater the love, the greater the loss, is true,” the ‘Maleficent’ star added.

Abunda made a follow-up question, “Love doesn’t always end well. Why, Ms. Jolie?”

“Just take a minute for that,” the actress responded, laughing. 

However, she immediately replied, “It doesn’t always end well because maybe one kind of love is mistaken for another.”

After that, the ‘King of Talk’ turned to Sam Riley, who portrays Diaval, the raven who turns into a man, and asked: 

“Do you believe in ‘happy ever after’?” 

Riley said he thinks so, adding, “You have to work for happiness. You have to work in relationships.”

Meanwhile, in an earlier interview with People, Jolie, who has six kids with Pitt, revealed that she was “feeling pretty broken” before shooting ‘Maleficent’ sequel and she had to take time to gain back the strength of her character. 

“It was a tough time. I’d been coming off a few years of difficulty, and I was not feeling very strong. In fact, I was feeling pretty broken. It took me a moment to feel the strength of [Maleficent] again,” she said.  


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