Watch the popular and free show “Angie TV: Live in Dubai” on the Vuuzle.TV media platform!  In the new episode, show host Angela Gegg met with Romaa’l Patel – a Director of Property Management.

Romaa’l Patel spoke about the work of one of the best Property Management in Dubai (UAE). The company provides expert advice on Property Management to investors and families looking to find the perfect home. The agency offers a wide range of services, including both residential and commercial areas: sales and leasing, provides financial advice on property management and repair.

Footage from the show “Angie TV – Live in Dubai”:

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Angie TV: Live in Dubai host Angela Gegg is a Belizean artist, Author, and Property Management expert. She is one of the leading artists in Belize. Over the past decade, she has received numerous awards for her musical and visual works of art. In particular, Angela has participated in six major solo art exhibitions and more than twenty joint art exhibitions in Belize, Texas, New York, Miami, and Trinidad.

Angela Gegg is considered one of Belize’s most outstanding artistic voices. In July 2006, she published her first book, The Light, the Dark, and Everything in Between. In 2009, at the start of her sixth major personal art show, Impulse, she also released her second book, Artist Confessions. Abstract surrealist artist Angela Gegg specializes in Cubism. It has achieved regional recognition throughout the Caribbean, the United States and Belize. Since 2004, she has had six major personal exhibits. In many interviews, she stated that her main influence as an artist is Salvador Dali, the father of surrealism; Pablo Picasso, who started the Cubist movement; and Jackson Pollock, an influential American painter and a major figure in the abstract expressionist movement.

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