Anna Kendrick will join in Chris Morris’ hilarious and controversial farce about terrorism “The Day Shall Come” — a comedy film based on 100 True Stories. 

It had been nearly 10 years since Chris Morris drew raves for Four Lions stories. The creator has joined Black Mirror and Veep, while working on The Day Shall Come. Morris is again bringing a satiric feature of terrorism to the viewers. However, his focus in his latest film is in the ineffective anti-terror efforts of the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation).

Kendrick’s previous movie was A Simple Favor with Blake Lively. Now, she will star in an investigative story again with several agents in The Day Shall Come

Together with the other agents, Anna will do their best to impress higher-ups and meet enforced quotas, manifest a terrorist threat out of thin air. They will target Marchant Davis (Moses), who is a scattered preacher and farmer of revolution and non-violence in The Star of Six community. Despite no discernible threats from the FBI, his oddities are enough to make their major target, who later involved in nukes and Nazi. 

Dennis O’Hare, Daniel Brooks, and Kayvan Novak are also part of the film. It will hit Irish and U.K. theaters on October 11, but the U.S. release is yet to be announced. 


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