Christmas is just around the corner and many of us are busy roaming around different malls to buy gifts. During this season, the streets are becoming more and more congested which we often call the “Christmas rush.” And for most of us, the word traffic can’t be separated from words as “hassle,” “rage,” and “annoyance,” so we’re helping you get rid of those emotions, especially this season. 

Here are a few tips you could take to save yourself from the Christmas rush and heavy traffic:

5 Ways to beat the Christmas Rush and Traffic

List your Christmas gifts asap


Preparation is what will help you from all the inconvenience during this time. List down all the people you desire to give Christmas presents to — family, friends, and of course, your godchildren. By knowing these, you’d be able to save some time and energy as you’ve already decided what to buy and where to go instead of wandering around malls thinking about your gift for a certain person. 

Shop early


Shopping early is probably the most common tip to beat the Christmas rush. This is the best choice most of us have, but too lazy and stubborn to do it. In fact, shoppers only recognize this once they’re in the midst of jam-packed mall and frustrating traffic. Besides, shopping early provides you some perks: avoid inconvenience of traffic, save money since offseasons usually offer cheaper prices, and enjoy the rest of your Christmas vacation. 

Budget your money 


Budgeting your money will help you avoid spending more than what you expected. Allocate money for certain expenses — gifts, food, decorations, etc. It is necessary to be wise in spending your hard-earned money, and as mentioned earlier, early shopping will help you save more money. Other than that, you may also search for bargain sales during this season. Another option is, you can create a bank account dedicated for your Christmas fund, so you can ensure to separate holiday expenses from day-to-day ones. 

Proximity check


Most likely, the first place that will pop up in our minds when thinking about where to shop during the holiday season is the big and famous mall around four to five kilometers away. If you are waiting for your 13th-month pay and Christmas bonus just so you can afford buying gifts, maybe you should reconsider where to shop. Bear in mind that shops in major areas are not the only places where you can have great finds. You can also find items you’re looking for in nearby shops or bazaars, plus they have fewer people. 

Try shopping online


Nowadays, lots of people are enjoying the advantage of shopping online at the comfort of their homes. That’s a smart move because it will exempt you from the stress brought by traffic and crowded malls. However, you have to be really careful when using such method of shopping. Only shop from credible online stores or sites so you can save yourself from being scammed. 

The point is, you will be able to escape from all the discomfort of Christmas rush if you prepare and shop before everyone does. Don’t be a part of the last-minute shop team and plan everything ahead of time. That way, you can just stay home, relax and enjoy Christmas with your loved ones. 

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