Avoid Getting Sick During Rainy Season with these 7 helpful tips

Leptospirosis is lethal, so clean after getting soaked in dirty water.

Follow these simple helpful tips to avoid getting sick this rainy season.

PAGASA already marked the rainy season in the Philippines! Therefore, colds and flu is easy to acquire again. 

Avoid those sniffles, blowing of the nose, and coughing to feel light during this hassle period of the year. Presumably, you do not want to feel under the weather while chasing your errands in the rain, right?

Health is wealth, so make sure to follow all these tips to prevent getting sick this season! 

Avoid Floods

It is during the rainy season that you always hear about leptospirosis. Sounds very familiar? The infection comes from the urine of animals such as dogs, rodents, and farm animals. 

These animals’ urine can be usually present in the floodwater during rainy days. Also, along with the urine is germs and bacteria coming from different trash in the environment, so it can be a massive place of the disease. Therefore, make sure to have a wash or warm bath immediately after getting soaked in the floodwater. 

Clean Your Surroundings

During this rainy season, the Department of Health does not only warn you about leptospirosis but also dengue. 

Mosquitos thrive in dirty and unoccupied spaces during wet season. Therefore, make sure to clean those places and sources of standing water where they can lay eggs. A clean home speaks a healthy mind and body, so keep it neat.

Daily Dose of Vitamin C

There might be some arguments regarding the daily intake of Vitamin C, but it is still proven that it can prevent and cure colds. With regular intake, it helps your antibodies prevent and fight cold faster. 


Drinking enough water is always a constant rule in basically taking care of the whole body—from getting clear skin to preventing some diseases. Water is life, indeed!

Hydrating your body can be a simple remedy to colds and flu, so always cleanse your body. You may also fight those germs and bacteria by drinking some herbal tea, too. Have drinks that have those therapeutic properties to avoid cough, colds, and sore throat. 

Always Keep Your Rain Gear with You

Many people can sympathize with you being disappointed with the hassle in flexing that rainy day outfit of yours, but protection is better than cure. 

Keep prepared for those possible shower moments in the rain. Always have your umbrella and it would be best to have that raincoat and waterproof shoes also. The main concern is your health, so stay dry and protected this season. 

Take a Bath

However, if you tend to forget everything to keep dry and warm, might as well immediately take a shower after getting soaked in the rain. 

Taking a shower can stabilize your body temperature from getting caught by the rain and shifts it back to your normal temperature. This can also cleanse the possible toxins you accumulated from the rainwater. 

No to Street Foods for the Meantime

Kwek-kwek, kikiam, and fish balls are kind of tempting during the cold days, but please bid your temporary farewell to these street foods. What you avoid to get from these foods is the airborne and waterborne diseases by being exposed the whole day. Maybe try cooking some in your own kitchen? That might be a little safer to do. 

Rainy season itself is already a hassle, so make sure that getting sick is the last thing you want to acquire!


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