Batangas residents appeal for relief goods, basic needs


Others who have chosen to stay amid alert level 4 has been raised, such as the 44-year-old fisherman Cesar Dalisay of Barangay Zone 4 in Talisay, are clamoring for basic needs such as water and basic relief goods.

“We may have the money but there [were no stores open]. We are wondering where the relief goods are at this time of disaster,” Dalisay said.

It was the first time the town witnessed such a tragedy, according to him, adding that the 1977 eruption didn’t trigger suffocating ashfall.

Prima Tambalo, 52, said she was forced to open her store in Barangay Santa Maria in the town of Laurel over neighbors ‘ pleas, who were left without food.

“We have already evacuated as of [Sunday] to Batangas City, but I had to come back to open the store because my neighbors kept calling me, begging me to reopen,” she said.

Tambalo said people there weren’t sure how and where to get relief goods.


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