WARNING: Chestnuts may trigger allergic reaction, paralysis

chestnuts-benefits-and harm
Eat in moderation!

Chestnuts are in the list of favorite snacks of Filipino during the holidays. Having this, a doctor warned the public of its danger if eaten excessively.

According to the nutritionist-dietitian Mary Grace Macatangay, a person should not eat more than 10 pieces of chestnut seeds per day as it may cause allergic reaction or paralysis if not cooked properly.

“If it is unprocessed o hindi naluto nang maayos, maaari itong mag-cause ng paralysis kasi may lason ito na taglay,” Macatangay explained in the health program, “Salamat Dok.”

[Translation: If it is unprocessed or cooked improperly, it may cause paralysis as it contains toxin.]

Image Source: Pexels

Diabetic individuals should also control their consumption of the said seed.

Positively, it delivers good benefits to the body as long as consumed in moderation. 

Chestnuts are enriched with fiber that is good for digestion, Vitamin C for the immune system, and copper, which helps in the building of red blood cells and potassium.

It is also rich in B vitamins, which helps to develop the brain. 

Moreover, it may also lessen cholesterol levels and avoid different types of cancer, according to Dr. Macatangay.

She also refutes the belief that eating chestnuts may cause a high level of uric acid.


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