Young and upcoming On June 4, Filipino singer Bey released her second song, “nevermind,” through Universal Records. “nevermind,” produced by Eunice Jorge of Gracenote, is the polar opposite of her first hit “Crash Landing,” which depicted the unpredictability and excitement of falling in love. Her most recent track focuses on the tragic aftermath of a relationship’s demise. BEY has shared a series of images on her Instagram account that wonderfully capture the essence of the song. BEY has been in several media appearances both worldwide and locally since her debut as an artist at the beginning of the year. .

Despite the fact that the young musician now lives in Los Angeles, she continues to perform at benefit concerts in the Philippines. Her debut single, “Crash Landing,” has also been published in a stripped-down form. BEYONCE continues to show off her skill by posting her own covers of songs on her YouTube page. BEY demonstrates her versatility in her current single, “nevermind,” by keeping her music varied and fresh for her fans.


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