Mourning YouTube star Bretman Rock on Thursday took to social media to ask for privacy after his fans came to his father’s wake and asked him for pictures. 

Bretman begged his fans to allow him to grieve this time as the reason why he flew in the country is because of his father who just passed away. 

“I’m here in the Philippines for my dad who just passed, don’t come to my house and ask me for pictures.. so many people showed up to my dads funeral uninvited and started taking pics of my dad and my family. Like why? It’s common sense,” the beauty influencer wrote in a tweet.

Bretman continued, saying: 

“I just don’t understand why people think it’s okay to ask me for pictures when my eyes are literally swollen from crying. How [are] you gonna say, ‘Condolences, can we take a picture?”

On November 6, Bretman first revealed on Twitter that his father, Edmund Laforga, was in a critical condition. Before this, a concerned fan noticed his absence from social media.

“@bretmanrock hasn’t posted on Instagram all day.. is you okay?” she said.

Bretman later replied: 

“I just found out my dad is in a critical condition and is in [a coma] now… sorry I’m just kinda taken back and taking time for myself and family!!”

Bretman was born in the Philippines and it was when he turned eight when he moved to Hawaii. 

He has became popular for his makeup tutorials coupled with his distinct sense of humor. 

Recently, E! People’s Choice Awards honored him as the Beauty Influencer of 2019


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