With their top-ranking songs in music charts and with their successful concerts both in and out of Korea, BTS surely knows where they’re going. Now, they are also ready to take on the gaming world as they launch their mobile game, BTS WORLD, on June 26. Here’s the link to pre-register to the game.

BTS WORLD includes exclusive photos, videos, and music recorded which were recorded by the members for about two years. It also shows the band as newbies to the music industry before they get their huge break globally. Although it is fictional, it is still inspired by the experiences of the members trying to find their way in the music biz.

BTS World (Image source: btsw.netmarble.com)

This game allows players to become managers for each member. That means, it’s up to you, ARMY, to choose what your idols will wear or eat, or what dance classes to take. Other than that, this also lets you send video and text messages to BTS members! Basically, you are the who makes choices that will take them to stardom.

Simon Sim, the president of Netmarble Corp which published the game, told Reuters Television, “Those alternate realities are based on some of the members’ interviews, and they said, ‘If I wasn’t in BTS band, my vision was this’.”

BTS, also known as Bangtan Boys, debuted in 2013 in Seoul, South Korea, and broke the US pop market in 2017 and became the first Kpop group to win a Billboard music awards

“All Night”, “Dream Glow” and “A Brand New Day” are songs from the BTS management game which were released earlier in June. 


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