Vuuzle Media Corp Limited became the first company in the history of OTT to launch its token called Vuco Coin. Now the company is taking real steps to be available on the best cryptocurrencies in the world. In particular, the coins created by Vuuzle Media Corp Limited will be available in several markets where there is a tokenization system supported by Ethereum.

Using the tokenization process, Vuco Coin offers a revolutionary way to effectively manage money in digital format. And among the important priorities is a HIGH LEVEL OF SECURITY. According to the creators of VUCO Coin, these digital coins will be marked by reliable encryption and a multi-signature system to prevent unauthorized access. Vuco Coin is a STO for cryptocurrency business.


In July 2021, Vuuzle Media Corp Limited released its first crypto token, VUCO COIN. And a month later, in August 2021, the company creates and launches a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, which allows the public to buy and sell cryptocurrency at a lower exchange rate using a new platform. In addition, cryptocurrency trading is an exclusive platform on which crypto investors can buy a newly minted Vuco coin or trade it on the stock exchange. Vuco is paired with Ethereum under the erc20 blockchain.

In November 2021, Vuuzle Media Corp Limited launches its new website , which provides round-the-clock access for online users around the world to watch movies and TV shows that are broadcast live at .

The company plans to place Vuco Coin on Uniswap and add current non-market sales and liquidity to the Vuco coin. 

Vuuzle Media Corp Limited then announces that it is choosing STO (Security Token Offerings) as a form of investing in blockchain projects. According to Vuuzle Media Corp Limited founder Ronnie Flynn , STOs are launched with regulatory management in mind. They are registered in the necessary state bodies, meet all the requirements of the law and are 100% LEGAL.

Here are the main BENEFITS of using STO:

  • Significantly lower commissions compared to traditional investments;
  • Fast transaction processing due to the lack of a long chain of intermediaries;
  • Expanding the investor base;
  • Automated transactions and others. 

That is, investors actually acquire underlying assets that derive their value from something else. 100% regulated offers that ensure the safety of investors. Projects intended for STOs are generally more mature and trustworthy than ICO projects.

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CryptoCaptrades is the only decentralized exchange platform that offers robust global deployment. 11 11 witness nodes are distributed in 11 cities in 8 countries around the world, providing lightning-fast network speed and providing stable and reliable trading services for hundreds of thousands of cryptocurrency traders around the world.

Vuuzle Media Corp Limited provides the opportunity to enter into contracts in real time around the world. Shareholders will be able to freely trade and use their purchased shares. In addition, this new platform will double the security of financial investments made by partners, shareholders and investors.

Thus, the platform will allow you to store, send, buy and sell existing cryptocurrencies. And among the main advantages of Cryptocaptrades – SPEED. For example, in just 3 seconds the user will be able to fully perform the operation he needs.

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So, with the innovative VUCO CASH application, you can manage your digital money and investments while staying in touch with other Vuuzle Media Corp Limited projects, such as CryptocaptradesVuco CoinVUCO NFTSVuuzle.TV, VUMU MusicVuuzle Film ProductionDubai Shopping Channel and directly – Vuco DeFi .



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