The captain of the Philippine sunken vessel, Junel Insigne, decided to back out from a scheduled meeting with President Rodrigo Duterte on June 17, Monday.

According to Hon. Romulo Festin, San Jose town mayor, Capt. Insigne requested to head back home to Occidental Mindoro when they were already in Roxas, Oriental Mindoro. He also said that the captain did not state his reasons for not attending the Malacañang meeting.

On the other hand, the mother of the F/B Gem-Ver owner, Arlinda dela Torre, and cook, Richard Blaza, pushed through with the meeting. Blaza was the one who witnessed the Chinese vessel hit their boat around midnight of June 9.

Furthermore, the local fishermen stated that they were abandoned and left floating into an open sea for hours after their boat was hit by the Chinese vessel. However, China’s Embassy in Manila, claimed that Yuenmaibinyu 42212 was by “besieged” some seven to eight Philippine boats.

As it tried to avoid the boats, it accidentally collided with F/B Gem-Vir. In addition, the Chinese crew left the Filipino fishermen for fear of “being besieged by other Filipino fishing boats.”

Captain Insigne recalled being rescued

Despite that, Insigne recalled that while resting, their boat was anchored when the Chinese vessel hit theirs. The Chinese boat departed instantly leaving the Filipino boat with a hole that caused it to sink from the back.

They were abandoned in cold sea and would have died if not rescued by some Vietnamese folks. Two of his men, Justine Pascual and JP Gordiones, paddled to one of their boats which they used to get near to the Vietnamese fishermen to get help.


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