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Facebook to soon allow transfer photos, videos to Google Photos

Facebook Inc on Monday said it would introduce its newest feature wherein it allows transfer of photos and videos from Facebook directly to Google...

10 smartphones to anticipate this 2020

This year is really filled with things to look forward to, and of course, that includes the industry of smartphones. Apple is expected to...

Instagram creating alliances with fact-checkers to fight misinformation

Instagram went global with its battle against misinformation on Monday, building alliances with fact-checkers around the world to uncover deception in shared photos and...

Twitter now allows you to post iOS Live Photos as GIFs

Hooray! Twitter now finally allows you to upload your Live Photos, Apple’s most iconic camera options on iOS, as GIFs.  Before, Twitter had been rendering...

Steve Jobs’ prediction of smartphones, tablets to end PC now happening

Tablets were surely meant for surfing the Web and watching videos but Apple will be changing the game, as its new set of iPads...

New Microsoft keyboards feature additional keys for Office and emoji

Microsoft is introducing their new keyboards which feature two additional keys intended for Microsoft Office and emoji.  Earlier this year, the company considered adding Office...

Say goodbye to Apple’s iTunes!

iTunes, which was once-revolutionary program that made online music sales sparked in mainstream and successfully blunted the influence of piracy, have to say goodbye...

Microsoft unleashes its smartphone game-changer twin-screen Duo

Microsoft has unveiled its new Surface devices with twin-screens that resembles a book!  On Wednesday, the company shared the news and plan to to force...

Huawei set for global unveiling of its Mate 30 smartphones

Huawei is set to unwrap its Mate 30 series of smartphones!  The company has teased the premium features of their new devices, thus proving its...

Samsung to launch its foldable smartphone after months of delay

Samsung announced the launching of its most-awaited first-ever foldable smartphone on Friday, after it was delayed due to faulty screens.  The world’s largest smartphone company...
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