Catriona Gray is not backing down from using her voice despite a military official sending a warning over her ties with a women’s rights group.

The Miss Universe 2018 showed herself being freed from hands covering her mouth in a video.

“Please don’t ever allow your voice to be silenced,” Gray urged. “You never know whose life may be impacted by your words.”

“You never know who you’ll help feel seen, courageous or comforted. When you speak up for yourself, know that in sharing your stories, you’re speaking up for others too.”

Gray’s camp defended the singer-beauty queen with her legal counsel Joji Alonso. He stated, “Dragging Catriona’s name, when all she has endeavored to do as an advocate for women’s rights, is completely uncalled for.”

Lt. Gen. Antonio Parlade Jr. warned Soberano for associating herself with Gabriela, and urged the actress and Gray to cut ties with the group. His statements have been criticized for “red-tagging” and “harassing” the female celebrities.


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