House Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano stated that experiencing traffic problems in a country is a sign of a flourishing economy.

“[Kapag] maganda ang ekonomiya, may pambili ng sasakyan ang mga tao, and then sa Pilipinas, about half ng lahat ng binibiling private na sasakyan ay sa Metro Manila napupunta,” he said. 

Cayetano added that this is the reason why the government is investing in different means of transportation like subway system, railway system, monorail, and bus rapid transit system (BRT).  

He also emphasized to stop criticizing the government for the worsening Metro Manila traffic by issuing commute challenges to officials. 

“The challengers or the people who made the challenges made their point. We hear you loud and clear. Now is the time to act and stop yung mga challenge-challenge,” he said.

While he understands the message that critics want to convey, challenging the government officials to take public transportation is not the solution. 

“Hindi naman [pwedeng] araw-araw, we just keep challenging each other sa traffic lang, because we also have to challenge each other sa agriculture, sa health, sa education. But ang point is yung mga plano nakalatag,” Cayetano said. 

Although for him, those challenges are good to stir those who should be awaken to solve the traffic problems. 

However, Cayetano said that the government should admit the struggles encountered to plan the solution. 

“But having said that, dapat ikwento rin ng gobyerno yung mga pinagdadaanang hirap para mabuo ito.”

Meanwhile, he recalled the belief of President Rodrigo Duterte, during his campaign period in 2016, that it would be difficult to find a solution to the Metro Manila traffic. 

Thus, the President asked to shift to federal government. This is to empower regions, so Metro Manila will be decongested. 


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