Taguig Rep. Alan Peter Cayetano accused his Speakership rival Marinduque Rep. Allan Lord Velasco of allegedly lying about the term-sharing deal for the House Speakership. 

On Thursday, President Rodrigo Duterte said that his losing 2016 running mate, Alan Peter Cayetano, agreed to serve as Speaker for 25 months before Lord Velasco taking the remaining 21 months. 

However, Velasco backed out last minute from the agreement. 

“What Cong Velasco said is that there was no such agreement… He knows that is a lie because they were the ones who proposed that,” [some parts are translated]  Cayetano stated. 

“It’s okay with me if he lies, because politicians lie…But to call the President a liar by saying that there’s no such agreement, I’ll not take that sitting down. Congressman Velasco owes the President an apology and he owes the people more of his honesty,” [some parts are translated] he added. 

Velasco’s denial 

Velasco denied last week that the President pushed for the agreement of term-sharing. 

President Duterte already made clear his position that he would leave the choice for the Speakership to the capable hands of the members of Congress, and will not endorse a particular individual for the position. This declaration never mentioned a term-sharing for the position of Speaker,” Velasco said in a statement. 

According to Cayetano, he was supposed to serve as Speaker first before Velasco take the position. This is because Cayetano is a former senator and he had a better working relationship with the upper chamber of Congress which is necessary in pushing President’s legislative agenda. 

However, Velasco’s wife, Wen, last Monday, agreed on term-sharing deal but asked for “a few days”, Cayetano said.

“She (Wen) even said that there is nothing to worry about Lord because he is kind. He will follow what we’ve talked about,” told Cayetano. 

But the Velascos, as per President, that “all is off” regarding the term-sharing agreement. 

Cayetano added, concurrently, Velasco’s camp released a manifesto of support signed by several Congressmen. 


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