Cesar Montano visited with his daughters from his previous marriage to sultry actress Sunshine Cruz lately. Sam, the couple’s middle child, posted a snapshot of their meeting on Instagram, commenting, “Great seeing you dad. The post contained a photo of them dining out together back then and now. In an exclusive interview of one show earlier this year, Sam said that despite her parents’ decision to divorce, Cesar still speaks with her as he does with her sisters Angelina and Chesca.

She claims that the experienced actor would occasionally text or chat with them. He also makes it a point to send them Bible scriptures from time to time. “Due to the pandemic, we don’t get to see him very often.” “We just talk in a group,” she explained at the time. What would she say about Cesar as a father? Cesar, according to Sam, is a “strong” and “wonderful father.”

“As a father, he’s fantastic. It’s not only that we don’t get to see him very frequently; he texts us once or twice a week. He always attempts to reach out and inquires about our well-being,” she explained. “And yeah, even though we don’t get to see him all the time, he’s always there for us,” she says.


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