China reveals coronavirus can be acquired via aerosol transmission


A Shanghai official has confirmed that the deadly novel coronavirus is airborne. On Saturday, it was announced that the virus can spread through aerosol transmission.

This mode of transmission means that the virus can drift through the air for an extended time and cause infection if breathed in.

“Aerosol transmission refers to the mixing of the virus with droplets in the air to form aerosols which causes infection after inhalation,” Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau deputy head Zeng Qun said on China Daily report.

“As such we have called on the public to raise their awareness of the prevention and control of the disease.”

The Chinese government is advising people to cancel all social activities to avoid large crowds.

Discovering that the coronavirus is now airborne means that it has now three transmission modes:

Direct transmission occurs when an individual breathes the air near an infected person who has coughed or sneezed.

Contact transmission happens when a person touches something that has been contaminated with the virus and then infects themselves by touching the mouth, eyes, or nose.

Aerosol transmission occurs when the virus droplets mix in the air and form aerosol and someone can be infected when breathed in.

The death toll escalated to more than 800 and infected 37,198 worldwide, now more deadly than SARS.

Two deaths were recorded outside China; one in Hong Kong and the other one is in the Philippines.


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