Claudine Barretto has opened out about her love-hate relationship with her sisters Marjorie and Gretchen in a rare interview. Claudine described her Ate Gretchen as the “sweetest” in an interview with Aster Amoyo on “TicTALK with Aster Amoyo.” Gretchen, Claudine’s older sister, is “extremely kind, sweet, and thoughtful,” according to Claudine. Gretchen was closer to Marjorie at the time, therefore they didn’t have that kind of friendship. They grew closer after settling their three-year difference, according to Claudine. Gretchen, Claudine said, would lavish her children with whatever they desired.

In regards to Marjorie, Claudine stated that the last time they saw one other was at her father’s funeral in 2019. “Before she’s caring,” Claudine replied when asked to characterize Marjorie. Claudine was also asked about her feelings toward Marjorie’s nieces and nephews. Claudine stated that she loves everyone and that she is “sorry” that the children were involved in their fight. She stated, “They should not have been included.” Previously, the 24-year-old sultry actress freely declared that she admires her aunt. Marjorie revealed her reason for not speaking to her sisters in April.


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