Claudine Barretto came before Gerald Anderson. Apparently, the actress was much ahead of him when it came to his ghosting someone. Bea Alonzo accused Julia Barretto’s current boyfriend of simply abandoning her with no explanation, despite Gerald’s denial. Claudine is unique. She’s more than willing to accept it now, 25 years later. Her assailant? It’s none other than Mark Anthony Fernandez, her ex-boyfriend. Claudine said in a recent interview that she had ghosted Mark, putting an end to their tumultuous relationship. But, she insisted, it was for a good reason. He allegedly cheated on her, she claimed.

In a recent interview, she recalled, "That was the time she was a woman." "I awoke one day and understood that our jobs are more essential."She was never given the opportunity to apologize for her conduct, but Mark doesn't seem to mind. “We've never been adversaries. We've stayed friends despite the closure,” the actor remarked. Claudine is full of admiration for Mark. “He is always a gentleman. Before that, too. That is why, even as a close friend, I continue to adore him. We don't see one other too often, but we communicate and call.” They met as teenagers and fell in love. In 1996, they called it quits. They are now working on a film together, which will be directed by Joel Lamangan.


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