Kakai Bautista just posted a video on social media, she admitted and revealed that she tested positive a weeks ago on COVID 19 and finally recovered. on her instagram post with the captioning “Today on my 14th day. I graduated from COVID University!!!” kakai said and also a confirming that she tested positive a few weeks ago and already negative on her latest COVID 19 test. She already recovered.

“I am making it public so that I maybe able to share my journey to all of you and raise more awareness” kakai added. She also said that COVID is not a joke, its physically painful but the more fearful is to die just because of the fear and anxiety when you have this virus. she is always thankful for all the person who help her and pray for him and she also said that she have learn a lesson in life.

many of his friends saw her post and also show their support on their friend and they’re also proud about surviving of kakai in what she called “COVID University”.


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