Watch a new project called The Raggs Show on the popular media platform Vuuzle.TV soon. 

The Raggs Show is a television collection of interesting life stories. The heroes of the show are successful and magnetic people from the United Arab Emirates and around the world. 

The project will raise topics such as lifestyle of interesting people, original hobbies, passion, successful creation and development of your own business and a whole lot more. 

The creators of “The Raggs Show” assure that their content will inspire and motivate the viewer to expand their capabilities, create important social landmarks and most importantly, teach them to perceive people as they are. 

The Raggs Show will be a source of information for anyone who really wants to change their lives. The viewer will find practical advice for achieving “quick success”, as well as the rules of successful behavior. 

The heroes of the project will demonstrate the result of work on themselves: sometimes difficult, sometimes bold, but most importantly persistent and constant – 24/7. In The Raggs Show, successful people will share their “life baggage”, declare their goals and future. And this, agree, is not the best motivation for the viewer on the other side of the screen. 

Tune in and keep it locked to Vuuzle.TV, еnjoy the content we pour in on The Raggs Show,

– says Ahmed Meselhi (Messi) – director of The Raggs Show.


Photo // Vuuzle.TV


Rakhee Gandhi is the charismatic host of The Raggs Show on Vuuzle.TV. She holds a Bachelor of Arts and Mass Communication degree from the Indian Institute of MET. Rakhee has also over 20 years of experience in the arts and media.

“I take you on a riveting journey with every new episode and we leave you a promise of will definitely leaving an innovative mark for storytelling and hopefully will be remembered as a groundbreaking series of your own stories with my voice”, – Rakhee Gandhi announces her new show on Vuuzle.TV.

It is worth noting that previously Rakhee had the opportunity to work in the Dubai Government with organizations such as: The Dubai Police, AZRAQ, Tadweer, Enable and The Expo 2020 and others. 

Photo // Vuuzle.TV // Rakhee Gandhi 


Ahmed Meselhi (Messi) – Director of The Raggs Show. He is a professional reporter, journalist, content author and also presenter. Moreover, he has experience in various media in Egypt and the UAE. Messi has also been with Vuuzle Media Corp Limated (Dubai) for over two years. 

Ahmed was educated at Tanta University (Bachelor of Arts, media department, radio & TV section). He also studied at UNFPA (News reporting production workshop) and Amr el-kahky’s workshop (Program manger of al-hurra news (USA), News reporting production workshop). It is Ahmed Meselhi who is preparing for the air The Raggs Show, Vuuz News Expo and other projects presented on the Vuuzle.TV platform.

Photo // Vuuzle.TV // Ahmed Meselhi (Messi) 


Sawsan Ghandour is the producer of The Raggs Show. She also studied Bachelor of Law at Zagazig University. Sawsan has extensive experience in various media. In particular, she was the producer of the popular show Tlak on Al Hayah TV channel. Sawsan is currently working on several projects for Vuuzle.TV.

Foto // Vuuzle.TV // Sawsan Ghandour 


Ahmed Saloom is the producer of The Raggs Show. He lives and works in Dubai (UAE). Ahmed studied Mass Communication at the University of Sharjah. He started his career as a producer on Vuuzle.TV in 2020. He is also a professional volleyball player who plays with the Sharjah team in beach volleyball tournaments.

Photo // Vuuzle.TV // Ahmed Saloom 

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Author: Ivanna Samotei // Vuuzle Media Corp Chief Content Writer & Public Relations Specialist



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