When today’s children and adolescents grow up, will they see themselves as a “lost generation”? Will their lives forever fall in the shadow of a global pandemic?

The global pandemic has shut doors for children to grow and explore outside. Coping up with this situation may be hard, especially to parents who are used to the “normal” raising. It is the priority of parents to keep their children inside their homes. This, of course, should not sacrifice the developing life of a child.

One way to keep a child at home is to immerse them with food. As lovers of sweets, “baking” bonding is not that bad at all. With all the lessons and realizations a parent can teach in creating a perfect treat, a child will surely enjoy the experience.

Vuuzle.tv with this, made an episode available: How Kids Can Help in the Kitchen During the Holidays. This is in order to support parents in finding ways to make the home quarantine worthwhile with children.

You can watch the episode through the link below:


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