Michael V. is on the way to recovery after contracting COVID-19. The comedy actor gave a positive update on his health condition recently after announcing a couple of weeks ago that he tested positive for COVID-19. In the “Chika Minute” segment of GMA News “24 Oras Weekend,” the comedian said he is getting better now and his sense of smell is improving. “The smell is funny because I already have a smell… So he is still not 100% but at least,” he shared. “One day my housemate was cooking a hamburger, I could smell it from this room. But now that it has been served to me when it has been given to me, I can no longer smell from this distance. So chaotic

“One of the main contributors to COVID is stress. So you really should when you feel, when you have symptoms, you test and you are positive you should make a way so that you will not be stressed during the time you are quarantined. He also gave pieces of advice to patients who contracted the virus. Michael V. intends to donate blood plasma once he recovers from the disease.


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