Actress Kylie Padilla appears to be fed up with people poking around in her divorce proceedings with her estranged spouse, Aljur Abrenica. Robin Padilla’s daughter took to social media to criticize veteran entertainment writer Cristy Fermin. Cristy, it appears, has been spreading rumors in order to smear her name. “Greetings, Cristy Fermin.” I’m aware of your source. Don’t wait for me to bring you up. I put money aside for my children. Examine your own flaws before passing judgment on others. What do you get if you annihilate me? RISE UP. “You’re becoming old,” she wrote. “And if you’re going to smear me, I hope what you’re saying is accurate.” “You should be ashamed of yourselves.”

Remember how the talk show host said she broke the news about Kylie’s alleged cheating on a recent “Cristy Per Minute” episode? Kylie and her phone companion, according to her source, converse till morning. Kylie has taken down her comment. Her assurance that she is doing well is the only statement she has made. “I already have everything I could ever want.” For everyone who is concerned about my well-being. I’m perfectly fine. I am content, and I intend to keep it that way. “No matter what,” she posted beside a photo of herself and her two children, Alas and Axl.


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