“I will propose marriage to her only when I know she’s ready. Daniel says he will never put her in a situation where she’ll be uncomfortable.

“I will ask her the question only when both of us are ready,” Daniel says.

The couple has also learned to appreciate working under a “new normal” situation. “Personally, I liked being in a lock-in set better. Now, our working hours are better managed. We don’t feel pressured creatively. We have more space now to move creatively. I actually think it’s a beautiful setup”, says Daniel.

Daniel also noted that “writers now are given the respect they deserve. We are now able to just stick to the script they’ve written. I hope we could still practice this when we all go back to the ‘old normal’ way of living. We’ve discovered a lot of good work practices because of the pandemic.”

“The House Arrest of Us” can be accessed via ktx.ph starting Oct. 24, at 2 p.m.; and via iWantTFC starting Oct. 25., at 12 a.m.



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