Darren Espanto hopes that his latest single, “Believe in Christmas,” can at least spark glimmers of “hope and joy” in this time of uncertainty.

“The beauty of the song is its sincere intention to uplift people. It’s not just about the celebration of the holiday season,” the pop star said.

“I fell in love with its message upon listening to it. It has elements that really make you feel the Christmas spirit. And I knew right away that this is the song I want to release for Christmas. I felt that it was timely,” he added.

“Believe” talks about “love shining through” in “dark places,” and finding the “strength to carry on to better days to better ways.”

Christmas is one of the most awaited occasions by Filipinos, the 19-year-old singer pointed out. Darren believes that Christmas can still be worth observing. This is despite all the difficulties and challenges the year 2020 threw at us.

“I usually stay in Canada with my family during Christmastime. But when I can’t, they’re the ones who fly here,” he said.

Darren has been in Canada since March, making the most out of his time by catching up with his loved ones and his childhood friends. But he also can’t wait until it’s safe enough to return to the Philippines and start doing live shows once more.

“I have learned to appreciate the small things in life, not to take anything for granted, and to look at the silver lining,” he said. “I’m grateful I’m still able to spend time with my family, release music, and do the things I love, which are performing and spreading happiness.”


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