Want to forget your stressful work for a moment? It’s exhausting just thinking about the approaching deadlines, the sermon of your demanding and inconsiderate boss, and immature colleagues who are busy spreading rumors about you. Dealing with all those instances 5 or 6 days a week can make you go mad and drained. Therefore, you need to do something comforting to de-stress.

However, the most important thing is you should know how to balance your personal life from the toxicity of your work. Taking the weight off of your shoulders is not just about going home from work. You should do something that will take off your mind from the situation at your workplace.  

So to help you with that, here are some ideas on how to distress yourself when you experience toxicity at work.



Wake up early. Run. Walk briskly. Enroll in that swimming class or do cycling!

Any activity that you enjoy and make you sweat is already considered a workout. Exercising could release endorphins that make you feel light and relaxed. A helpful activity that helps both your mind and body.

You don’t really have to feel dreadful about exercising, because you can do that by just taking the stairs instead of elevators.

Live Offline


The advancement of technology has made you weak, sluggish, and lazy!

It has its perks and advantages but virtual connection is quite exhausting sometimes. If you are always connected, you end up taking all those calls and replying to those emails. You work even when it’s supposed to be your idle time already.

Try to spare an hour a day and more during weekends to turn off your phone and WiFi. Take the time to focus on what really matters in your life: your family, travel, your passion, knowing and loving yourself.

Chill or Dance with Your Playlist


Is it Taylor Swift? Or maybe an old music like The Beatles? Listen to them! Sing with your favorite artists, sway your body, and feel the rhythm working through your system.

This is cliche, but music can really comfort you after an exhausting week at work. It can slow down your deafening thoughts and calm your raging heart.

Meet up with Your Homies


Having your people with you during your day off, whether it be your family or your best friends, is always a breath of fresh air and being “home”.

Talking with them can take your mind away from your negative thoughts. They make you feel light and comforted while having stomach ache because of their silly jokes. They could simply ease the tension and anxiety you’ve gained from your tough job.

Take a Bath or Shower


Or if you feel like everything mentioned above is not your mood, maybe a long bath is all you need. Put that essential oil and let it calm your mind, soothe your skin, and relieve your anxiety.

Then, do your usual shower routine after, and finish your skin care routine. You may also listen to some music while clearing up your head.


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