Newly-elected Senator Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa pushes the renewal of death penalty for those who are involved in illegal drugs.

Alongside Senator Manny Pacquiao, Bato and also newly-elected Senator Bong Go act to make the death penalty pass in the Senate. 

Bato has not only pointed out to punish the traffickers, but also the users, and even the “protectors and coddlers”  of the narcotics trade are included in the bill. 

“Kasama na ‘yan sa bill na ‘yan. Halimbawa, ma-prove natin isang empleyado ng Bureau of Customs kasabwat sa pagpasok ng shabu dito sa ating bansa (That’s already included in the bill. For example, if an employee of the Bureau of Customs is proven guilty to be an accomplice in trafficking shabu in the country). Well, he’s a principal by conspiracy. He conspired to traffic that drugs to our country, so the offense of one is the offense of all,” Bato said. 

Drug Trafficker and User

Bato was also asked in his ANC interview, if how he can distinguish a drug trafficker from a user, wherein the latter can also be a drug pusher on the side to support his drug use. 

“If you are caught in the position of at least 1 kilo of shabu, you are classified as a trafficker. Mahirap i-distinguish (It’s difficult to distinguish)… so it will be based now on the operational definition na ating gagawin (so, it will be based now on the operational definition that we’re going to do),” Bato explained. 

Karen Davila also asked the neophyte lawmaker if rapists would also be included in the death penalty. 

“Experience natin sa previous Congress ang rason kung bakit hindi ‘yan nakakalusot, dahil they consider that bill as anti-poor (It was the experience in the previous Congress is the reason why the bill hasn’t passed, because they consider it as anti-poor). Dahil nga ang tatamaan dyan, ang mabibitay daw ay ang mga mahihirap lamang na walang perang panggastos sa depensa nila sa kanilang kaso (Because the bill will mostly affect the poor, who do not have the means to defend their cases, the ones who are more likely to be executed),” Bato asserted. 

Bato is hoping that the death penalty bill will now pass in the Senate as rapists and plunderers will be excluded from the bill for the meantime. 

Bato’s main goal for now is to have the bill passed. Once passed, he will gradually do the amendments of the law to make it less jolting. 


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