The Actor Derek Ramsay wrote an Instagram story that shows a screenshot of a random number that’s pretending to be him, The fan brought it attention. He makes this story for another person to be notified and beware of this number pretending to be him and ask for girls offering 150k for a stag party. It happens yesterday September 14, 2020.

I’d just like to thank my fans who brought it again to my attention about somebody pretending to be me, saying that I’m looking for girls to hire for P150,000 for a stag party,” Ramsay wrote. “This has been happening for many years now and there’s no truth to it. I really appreciate those who have reached out to me to inform me about what’s going on. Thanks, guys,” He added.

Last october 23, 2019 their was a scammer who does the same thing, and ramsay is wondering if the same person was the one who’s doing again this scam or pretending to be him.


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