Dimples Romana had a heartwarming reunion with her family. This is after living away due to lock-in taping of an upcoming TV series.

Her husband Boyet Ahmee posted a video of the sweet encounter on his YouTube page. He began the surprise by waking up their kids Alonzo, 5, and Callie, 16, in the early morning of Oct. 10. Callie says it was “weird but not weird” for Romana to be gone for almost two weeks. Alonzo also admitted that he missed teaching his mom how to play “Minecraft.” Though they are used to Romana being away for long time due to work, not having her around is hard.

In the middle of the supposed interview with his kids, someone suddenly rang the home’s doorbell. Romana appeared and said “Surprise!” Callie laughed and said she was initially scared because their house’s gate was open.

“Aba talagang namiss niyo ko ha (Wow, you really missed me),” Romana said in jest.

Following her sweet reunion with her children, the actress jokingly asked Boyet why was he not crying. Boyet then made a funny face at the camera, and said, “Naiiyak ako nandito na siya (I am tearing up [because] she is here already).”

Romana later shared the video on her Instagram page and praised all of the overseas Filipino workers (OFW) who are constantly away from their families.

“You are all heroes,” she said.

Romana is set to star alongside Ian Veneracion, Sue Ramirez, Ariel Urieta and Gloria Diaz in an upcoming TV series called “Oh My Dad.” The said program will be airing on TV5 soon


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