Meta universes are the future of the online world and the online life of society as a whole: as a technological concept, it is a shared virtual space based on the digital reproduction of our universe, complemented by vast possibilities and embodies fantasies.

According to Vuco Coin VUCO CASH crypto platform and Vuco World Meta universe founder, Ronnie Flynn, real-time presence, social interaction (parties, conversations, walks with friends, virtual festivals, concerts, fashion shows, sporting events, galleries and more). All of the above contributes to the development of a new economy – the NFT economy, which may grow into a real world economy in the near future.


Undoubtedly, this is Decentraland, an online environment called the Meta Universe, where users can buy land, visit buildings, walk and meet people as avatars. This year, the popularity of such environments has grown as the pandemic has forced people to spend more time online.

Interest in the project sharpened when Facebook changed its name to Meta to reflect its focus on developing virtual reality products for the metaverse.

Decentraland is a special type of metacosm where the blockchain is used. Land and other objects in Decentraland are sold in the form of non-reciprocal tokens (NFT), a kind of cryptocurrency. Crypto enthusiasts buy land there as a speculative investment using the cryptocurrency Decentraland, MANA.


Virtual land auctions will be held at Vuco World, where people will be able to buy their own piece of land and profit from the game by performing specific tasks. In the future, these plots of land can be used to build infrastructure for NFT virtual stores, collection galleries, gun stores and buy / sell NFT from the game.

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Virtual land in the Metaverse dominated NFT sales over past week as VucoWorld Executives get ready for Digital land pre sales of $130 Million

Based on NFT and metaverse sales over the past week, the demand for digital land outpaced all other items, art and collections.

Digital land is in high demand in what is already a highly lucrative market as the past week’s nonfungible token (NFT) and Metaverse sales figures revealed.

Data from industry metrics platform indicates that there has been more than $300 million in NFT sales over the past week. Of that total, almost a quarter has been for digital land in The Sandbox metaverse. VucoWorld the newest in the Metaverse confirmed special token holders of VucoCoin $130 million for digital land acquisitions.

Over the past week, each one of the top 10 NFT metaverse sales across the top five collections were for in-game digital land!

The Sandbox traded a total volume of $70.5 million for 4,433 assets over the past week — making it the metaverse collection that raked in the most cash.

Although Decentraland ranked in second place for the total volume traded, the top 10 most expensive metaverse NFT sales during the past week, ranging from 225,000 MANA ($758,250) to 50,000 MANA ($220,000), were all on the Ethereum-based virtual world. Decentraland traded $6.6 million in volume for 399 assets over the past week. Vucoworld will presale the digital property and then connect its remaining unsold property’s on opensea only excepting Ethereum erc20 Crypto. All digital land owners of Vucoworld will receive NFT that can also be listed for sale and auctioned to the highest bidder.

Meanwhile, over the past seven days, CryptoVoxels traded around $650,000 in volume for 81 assets; Somnium Space traded $492,000 for 40 assets; and SuperWorld traded $227,600 for 506 assets — all of their top trades were also for virtual land.

The metaverse is an immersive virtual reality experience of the internet that uses blockchain technology and NFTs to pay and own items online. For example, when you make an in-game purchase, you actually own the item and are free to hold, trade or sell it.

According to DappRadar, $106 million worth of metaverse land was sold among more than 6,000 traders in the week ending on Thursday. 

“Undoubtedly, Metaverse land is the next big hit in the NFT space. Outputting record sales numbers and constantly increasing NFT prices, virtual worlds are the new top commodity in the crypto space,” stated DappRadar in a blog post at the time.

A subsidiary, called Metaverse Group, bought the property for 618,000 MANAs on Monday, at about $ 2,428,740 at the time, a Decentraland spokesman said.

Decentraland said it was the most expensive purchase of virtual real estate on the platform. The land is in the area of ​​Fashion Street on the Decentraland map, and said it will be used for digital fashion events and the sale of virtual clothing for avatars.

In June, Decentraland sold $ 1.955 million worth of virtual land in Decentraland, about $ 913,000 at the time. Buyers have built a virtual mall to sell digital clothing.

On NFT marketplace Opensea, Sandbox and Dentraland held their spots as the top two collections traded on the platform over the past week. 

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