Before the breaking news that President Rodrigo Duterte was involved in a motorbike accident, it is visiting the wake of Miguel Barretto, father of the controversial Barretto sisters, was his earlier business that Wednesday night. 

Miguel Barretto, father of Gretchen Barretto, Marjorie Barretto, and Claudine Barretto, died last Tuesday.

In the viral video wherein the President was consoling Gretchen Barretto, the second eldest daughter of the dead patriarch, shows that Greta went home to the Philippines to pay respect to his dead father. 

However, there are spreading speculations at the moment that there were chaos happened after that short clip. 

Despite the never-ending feud of the Barretto clan, especially Gretchen’s relationship to her mother Inday Barretto, the mother and daughter hugged. 

However, according to Fashion Pulis’ reports, complete reconciliation did not really happen between the Barretto sisters. 

The source said Duterte asked Gretchen and Marjorie to shake hands, but the latter “politely declined” the request of the leader. 

Marjorie allegedly answered Duterte that she voted for him but could not give in to his request as the feud between her and Gretchen is too deep to fix. 

After Marjorie said that, people were silent until Claudine entered the scene and called out Marjorie disrespectful of the President.

Tensions arose and the nephews and nieces intervened to stop the argument. 

Nicole, daughter of JJ Barretto, allegedly pushed Gretchen, and then Greta pulled and twisted her  niece’s hair. 

The source said it was Leon, only son of Marjorie, who stopped the brawl. The son raised his voice to stop them from fighting in front of his grandfather’s coffin and then tell them to respect the wake. 

Never-ending Barretto feud 

The controversial Barretto sisters (from left Claudine Barretto, Marjorie Barretto, and Gretchen Barretto) | Image Source:

Claudine, according to Gretchen, was hospitalized for feeling nauseous and getting scratches from the recent quarrel of the family. 

The President, however, was shocked with what he has seen in the wake, though he was briefed with the never-ending feud of the family. 

“He was shocked. On the way (to the wake) he was briefed that not all is well with the Barretto family; but maybe he was not prepared to see such a display,” said an ABS-CBN source. 

Meanwhile, Gretchen said in a statement to the same news network, “it was all so nice until Marjorie had a nervous breakdown.”

“Marjorie was not happy that I was there to reunite with family,” Gretchen added.

Other sources said that Marjorie was mad and does not believe Gretchen’s “plastic” attitude. Marjorie believed that Gretchen was just doing that because the President was in front of them. 

Gretchen is an avid fan of Duterte. 

Marjorie, on the other hand, declined ABS-CBN’s request to interview the family members on their side. 

But earlier this afternoon, Marjorie said in her Instagram post that she will tell all the truth and nothing but the truth after her father get laid peacefully. 


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