After all the fuss about China has hold of the Philippines power transmission system, the Asian giant made another offer to President Rodrigo Duterte of a mobile phone that can’t be hacked, although he refused. 

On Monday over GMA 7’s Unang Hirit, Duterte was mainly asked about China’s possible shutdown of the country’s power transmission system, if ever it comes in a conflicting scenario with Beijing, as the latter owns 40% stake in National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP). 

“I will ask China now. I’d like to address myself, respectfully to President Xi, what could be the reason because I do not believe that they will do. But if there is, what could be the reason for you to cut?” the President said.

Duterte even warned that if China would cut the country’s power lines, then a quarrel might happen. 

“What could be the possible reason that China would spy or cut the grid?” he asked.

Moreover, the President revealed there could be spies in the country as China has been “listening to us.” 

“Right now they are listening to us, satellites, without using the grid, the spies, they know, I know because I have talked to him,” he said.

“And as a matter of fact they offered to give me a cellphone that could not be hacked,” he added.

But Duterte declined the offer, saying “I do not want the people suspect that I have secrets.”

In 2018, Duterte said that the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States has been spying on him. 

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