President Duterte encouraged the public not to accept the cases of pundits about the alleged breaches in the administration’s COVID-19 reaction endeavors, saying the legislature has no business to deceive the individuals. In his public address on Monday evening, Duterte, in particular, told the public to be wary of the opposition, particularly the “Dilawan,” who do nothing but “make noise”. The President clarified that the danger of COVID-19 is still in the nation despite the fact that the Philippines has a less number of cases contrasted with different nations. Until this point, the Philippines has recorded 265,888 COVID-19 cases.

Kindly don’t accept the resistance who simply continue yakking,” he said. “For as long as the virus lives on this planet, we are put in real danger. So if you will believe them you get to be despondent… Believe only us,” he added. According to Duterte, the government has no business to lie to the public about the situation. All of us here…we are not here, we did not join the government to lie. We don’t have any commitment whatsoever to lie,” the President said.

For what reason would we lie? That isn’t our activity. We didn’t come to work just to lie. Even as elementary students we know how to love our country,” he added. So I hope that everybody would listen to reason. Don’t just believe everything you hear,” he continued. The President, specifically, facilitated the public’s stress over the economy, saying the Philippines would truly fall into a downturn on account of the pandemic. Malacañang said that the National Task Force COVID-19 is presently on the second period of its National Action Plan where it will adjust wellbeing and the need to resume the economy.


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