President Rodrigo Duterte has approved the Philippine Export Development Plan (PEDP) 2018-2022 for country’s export growth and for more job opportunities for the Filipinos. 

Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea, by the authority of the President, signed Memorandum Circular 62 on June 26; however, it was just released to the media on July 1. 

Under the said Memorandum Circular, the PEDP, arranged by the Depart of Trade and Industry (DTI), has to be part of the Philippine Development Plan 2017-2018, which the president signed in 2018.

It said, “Synchronizing the period of the PEDP with that of the PDP will be conducive to harmonizing the implementation of programs and to the continuity and consistency of policies and innovative strategies for boosting export growth and increasing job opportunities for Filipinos.”

Manila International Container Terminal (Image source:

Also, it stated, “The PDP 2017-2020 emphasizes a strategic external trade policy regime which enables Philippine enterprises to successfully compete in global markets and provide employment opportunities for Filipinos.”

Duterte, through Memorandum Circular, ordered all concerned government agencies to submit to the Export Development Council and the Office of the President an inventory of relevant policies, programs, and action plans which are aligned with the strategies under the PEDP within sixty (60) after the effectivity of the Circular.

It said, “These agencies shall implement such policies, programs, and action plans to boost  export growth and ensure the free flow of goods.”


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