Elle Uy is a Filipina, Manila-based, space decorator who shares her knowledge in organizing and giving life to spaces.

As the tagline in her YouTube account, it is her “pursuit of happy homes” that’s probably got her into sharing of knowledge in designing homes.

Many would surely be inspired with these space-saving hacks, because DIY lovers would be excited to design a narrow space to make it look big.

To start with your own, here are the small space hacks by one of the best Filipina interior designers you could incorporate in your place.

How to make your small space look bigger?

1. Mirrors. BIG Mirrors.


If you don’t know what to put on a blank wall you have, might as well place a huge mirror on it.  

However, if you really have a tight budget (which most of us have), you could instead buy some small mirrors and form them in a collage.

You will see that that could make a huge difference in making your small space appear big.

2. Curtain


It is the installation of curtains that Elle sees as one of the mistakes people often do.

We often hang our curtains just right on the top edge or end of our window. And that is a big NO for a small space.

What you can do is make and hang your curtain higher and wider than your windows.

3. Furniture


It does not mean that you have a small space is you’re only allowed to have small sets of furniture. Having small furniture only makes you uncomfortable and makes your space look cluttered.

Therefore, do not overcrowd your space with small furniture. It is a better decision to have few normal sizes of furniture than having many tiny ones.

Moreover, paint your cabinets to something similar to your walls. Camouflaging your cabinets to the color of your walls could also make your unit look spacious.

How to Maximize your Storage?

1. Declutter your Home


Get rid of excess things in your place!

Even if you have a lot of storage, if you still have a lot of unnecessary things, your space will still look cluttered.

Therefore, declutter by starting eliminating the things you haven’t been using since the past year. You may consider donating those stuff to people who need them more. Try to keep things that only have sentimental value to you. Avoid hoarding things that do not give you joy.

We are aiming for a “happy home,” so it is important that you feel light and fresh when you’re at your place.

2. Elevate the Floor for Sleeping or Storage Space

You can do a lot of things with the bottom space, if you will consider elevating a portion of your unit.

When you elevate a portion of your space, the bottom space could be an extra bed or storage, or whatever you prefer it to be.

3. Utilize Vertical Space for Storage


Do not forget to utilize the vertical space because your floor (horizontal) space is very limited.

You may hang cabinets, shelves, or hooks on walls that still look pleasing. Add some storage on walls to put your books, plants, and other things that could make your space look more appealing.

Another thing is the space on your cabinet doors that you may also use. Hang your bangles and necklaces to maximise every tiny little space.

This trick also works in your bathroom. Try doing that vertical design by hanging some shelves for your other stuff like shampoo and conditioner containers.

4. Use Multi-Purpose Furniture


Try investing in sets of furniture that have extra space for storage.

You may have a dining table with drawers or any different furniture that has an additional storage. You can have that dining table on top and a magazine storage on the bottom.

It would be hitting two birds with one stone, so it is best in maximising your small space.

Space Planning

In terms of space planning, you need to prioritize what would be the main purpose of your space.

Think the most important thing for you: living or dining area, whether you want a studio type or a lounge area.

Just try incorporating everything that can only fit in your space. Maximize your space that satisfies your priorities and routine for a living.


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