Universal Pictures will be releasing the film “Last Christmas” that features the music of George Michael, starring Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding. 

Clarke, HBO’s iconic star from the Game of Thrones, and Golding, the lead actor of Crazy Rich Asians, will lead the romantic comedy movie as Kate and Tom. 

Emma Thompson, who also happened to be the writer of the film, and Michelle Yeoh will be joining the cast. Thompson will play as the mother of Kate (Clarke’s character)

The screenplay is in the hands of Thompson, an Academy award winner, and the playwright is from Bryony Kimmings. 

Paul Feig of Bridesmaids will be directing the film. 

Watch the official trailer of the movie here: 

The music of George Michael

The film will also premiere the brand new unreleased materials of the legendary, Grammy award winner Michael. 

Michael sold more than 115 million albums and had recorder 10 No. 1 singles that flourished during his iconic career.  

The producer David Livingstone has started creating the romantic comedy film based on the iconic singer’s “Last Christmas,” approximately 10 years ago. 

This was inspired by the repeated sound Livingstone has been hearing in absolutely every corner of the street every year. 

The producer, then, brought the material to the songwriter and performer Michael, who was very much interested in the story. 

Moreover, it even blossomed after the multi-hyphenate Thompson has been involved in the development of the project. 

“At first, I told him I’d think about it,” Thompson said. 

“I kept thinking about the song, how I’ve never written a proper romantic comedy, and how I could interpret this,” she added. 

‘Last Christmas’ after Michael’s death

Thompson shared that he had a fine afternoon with Michael to talk about the film. The meeting was at least 2 years before the legendary died. 

“He was a very kind man who loved the idea of the story…and elements of it that were socially conscious because he was always very involved in that. I loved him, and I thought I’d love to work with him and be part of this.”

After Michael’s tragic death on Christmas Day 2016, the “Last Christmas” creators were devastated and somehow hopeless to push the project. 

“George knew the outline for the story, but he never had the opportunity to read the script,” Livingstone says. 

However, Thompson’s husband became the key to ignite the spirit needed to continue the project. 

“It felt like we had something that was quite magical, but we had nowhere to go with it—until one day Greg, Emma’s other half, bumped into David Austin, George’s friend and manager. David reignited the project. We set up a meeting with Emma, and he played us some new music from George that no one had ever heard. It was incredibly exciting; it gave us all impetus. We had a great script, and it was something that honored him.”

“This is a romantic comedy, but it’s not just that. There’s more beneath the surface and behind the twinkly lights. Audiences will feel completely entranced, recognizing this is a bigger story than what it seems,” Livingstone proudly teased about the story. 

“Last Christmas” will be in the Philippine cinemas on November 27. 


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