Erik Santos marked his venture into vlogging through his inner “plantito”.

The singer also decided to give his garden a makeover since there are areas that looked bare, he said in his vlog post.

Though he admits that he has no knowledge in gardening, he is still eager to become a “plantito” or gardener — even just for a day.

To kickstart the makeover, Santos asked his driver to purchase some new plants. Among them were a fortune plant, a rubber tree, and what appear to be bromeliads.

Santos then explained that prior to hiring Noy as their family driver, he was first a gardener and helped them landscape their other gardens. Given his experience, Noy taught Santos how to repot the new plants for the garden’s makeover.

Once they finished placing the plants in new pots, Santos took the time to water all of them. He used a dipper to pour water onto the medium and large plants and used a large syringe to tend to the smaller ones.

Santos then proceeded to cover bare areas of his garden with newly-bought frog grass. Though landscaping the garden hurt his back, he noted that it was also relaxing to place the patches of grass by hand.

After completing the makeover of his garden, Santos showed off the fruit of his labor. While he admitted that it was a tiring experience, he also said that it is definitely fulfilling to know he had a hand in revamping his garden.

Many Filipinos have turned to garden amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.


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